How Does A Cordless Electric Kettle Work? Let’s Explore

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Have you ever considered how does a cordless electric kettle work? Are they secure for a kitchen at home? 

The newest little device to enter American kitchens is cordless electric kettles. They have been mainstays in Europe for many years and are adaptable and energy-efficient substitutes for conventional types.

However, how do they differ from your go-to hob method, and are they worth valuable counter space?

For you, I’ve written a breakdown.

Corded Electric Kettles 

These kettles had a metal coil inside the water reservoir that served as the heating element. After being plugged in and switched on, the kettle’s heating coil heated up and then heated the water around it until the boiling point was reached.

Corded kettles could be difficult to use, especially if your kitchen is compact or your countertop is small.

Everything you required had to be situated just in front of the counter because you were unable to move from it. There were minimum water levels in these kettles as well.

The kettle needed to be entirely covered by water to prevent the heating element from overheating, burning out, or triggering the boil dry safety feature, which switched the kettle off. You were unable to warm even one cup of water.

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Corded Electric Kettles

Different Styles of Cordless Electric Kettles

The features of many varieties of cordless electric kettles vary, and some also operate slightly differently from one another in terms of how things are done in general.

I have mentioned below different styles of cordless electric kettle to examine how does a cordless electric kettle work.

Traditional Cordless Kettle

Standard cordless kettles typically hold up to 2 liters of water and operate according to the general procedure outlined above. Some basic models, however, might not give the user the choice to specify the preferred temperature. 

However, one should prepare for the safety measure of automated shut-off. It is even simpler to store and move around when the base is removable from some models.

Rich in features, Cordless Kettles

Compared to basic or standard models, featured cordless kettles are made to offer more features. Precision temperature control, also known as “programmable temperature,” and the ability to charge via a car charger connector are usually added features.

You may heat additional liquids, such as tea and hot chocolate, in non-stick models.

The presence of a hidden heating element, a removable limescale filter, and cable storage are further characteristics you might want to look for in a cordless electric kettle.

Cordless travel kettle

Typically, a cordless kettle made for travel has a smaller capacity. It features an inbuilt battery that can be recharged anywhere, including at home.

Uniquely Designed Cordless Kettle

One unique design for a cordless kettle resembles the neck of a goose. It makes the exit route narrower, making it easier to pour the liquid. They come in particularly handy for pouring tea or coffee.

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Comparison of Cordless Electric Kettles

The differences between cordless and corded electric kettles, or traditional kettles used on stoves, can also be shown by a brief comparison. Electric kettles without cords:

Run on Electricity 

Instead of gas, electricity is used to heat the heating element inside of them. Even though they are often energy-efficient, if used frequently, they may increase your electricity bill.

Faster Heating 

Cordless electric kettles should heat more quickly. They save you more time because of the quicker heating times.

Heat to a Precise Temperature 

Unlike conventional kettles heated on a stove, programmable electric kettles can heat the liquid to a precise temperature before turning it off.

Are Easier to Use 

You may find corded electric kettles to be easier to use because the workflow is safer and easier; however, because they are made of plastic, they are more likely to catch fire if, for example, the thermostat fails.

Are More Portable 

Since cordless electric kettles can be used anywhere rather than only in one specific spot, they are more portable.

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Frequently Asked Questions about how does a cordless electric kettle work

Question No.1: What are the main components of a cordless electric kettle? 

Answer: The main components of a cordless electric kettle include a heating element, a water reservoir, a power base, and various safety features.

Question No.2: How does the heating element in an electric kettle work? 

Answer: The heating element, usually made of a metal such as stainless steel or copper, is located at the bottom of the kettle. When the kettle is plugged into a power source, an electric current flows through the heating element, which converts electrical energy into heat.

Question No.3: How does the water reservoir in a cordless electric kettle function? 

Answer: The water reservoir is where the water is poured before boiling. It is typically detachable from the kettle’s body for easy filling and cleaning. The reservoir connects to the heating element, allowing the heat to be transferred to the water.

Question No.4: What is the purpose of the power base in a cordless electric kettle? 

Answer: The power base serves as the connection between the kettle and the electrical outlet. It contains the necessary electrical components to control the heating element and often includes an on/off switch, temperature controls, and indicator lights.

Question No.5: What safety features are typically found in a cordless electric kettle? 

Answer: Cordless electric kettles often include safety features such as an automatic shut-off function, which turns off the kettle when the water reaches its boiling point or if the kettle is lifted off the base. Additionally, some kettles have a boil-dry protection system that automatically shuts off the kettle if there is no or insufficient water inside.

Question No.6: Are there any additional features that cordless electric kettles may have? 

Answer: Yes, cordless electric kettles can have various additional features, such as temperature control settings, keep-warm functions, built-in water filters, and LED displays to show the water temperature or the remaining boiling time.

Question No.7: Is it safe to use a cordless electric kettle? 

Answer: When used correctly and following the manufacturer’s instructions, cordless electric kettles are generally safe to use. However, it is important to handle them with care, avoid overfilling, and keep them away from flammable materials.


That is all about how does a cordless electric kettle work. I listed the key external and internal components of this type of kettle, discussed some common aspects, defined the overall mechanism, and provided a thorough explanation. 

In order to emphasize additional aspects that distinguish how cordless ones work, we also identified the key subtypes and contrasted cordless electric kettles with non-cordless and non-electric kettles.

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