How To Boil Eggs In A Kettle

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Boil egg is a delicious dish for everyone and it’s full of nutrients,  minerals,  protein, and some more. To make this quick and easily made then you can actually boil eggs in an electric kettle. This is very helpful for those who don’t know about cooking and also want to know how to boil eggs in a kettle. Plus, everyone can do this easily with efficient electric kettles and it’s really helpful when you don’t have a stove.

How To Boil Eggs In A Kettle

How to Boil an Egg Without The Stove?

Boiling eggs in the best electric kettle is a handy option and work great for traveling when you don’t have any stove options. It is quite easy. You can get soft and hard-boiled eggs by using electric kettles. If you have no idea how to boil eggs in a kettle then read it carefully and get amazing results through these detailed methods.

Instructions How To Boil Eggs In a Kettle

Here we are going to share a method of how to boil an egg in a kettle.

Method 1:

Here if you want to boil soft eggs. Then take the desired amount of egg, open the lid of the kettle, and put it into the kettle.

  • Make sure you have to place it slowly and don’t move the kettle when it is placed on the bottom it may cause any cracks.
  • The eggs should be added according to the kettle size.

Method 2:

Fill with cold water about one to two inches above the eggs.

  • The kettle is not filled with eggs, it is just half of the kettle.
  • If you have a large kettle then you have to use 5-6 eggs at one time.
  • if you fill it with extra eggs then it may not completely boil and may crack during boiling.
  • The water should be 1 inch above the egg.
  • you use cool and tap water for boiling eggs because hot water may cause the eggs to crack.

Method 3:

Now close the lid, set the kettle on the stove or the cord of the kettle carefully without shaking it. Turn it on, Set the timer for boiling the eggs.

  • For soft and hard it’s your choice. For soft it may take 12 to 15 minutes it depending on the kettle heating.

Method 4:

If the water is boiling then it turns off. If it is not turned off automatically then you have to turn it off on your own as the water is completely boiling and the bubbles start the bubbles.

Method 5:

Now remove the eggs from the best electric water kettle through any spatula and tongs carefully without hand sliding and burning. Now place it in the bowl which is full of cold water. The cold water is used to stop cooking and cool the eggs faster if it is cool perfectly.

Finally, peel off the eggs one by one. A soft-boiled egg can peel off easily by tapping on it. Remove the shell of the egg completely. Wash it out again if it is required. Dish it out and cut it in any shape.

Furthermore, you can add black pepper powder and salt to taste and enjoy it with your loved ones.

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Hard-Boiling the Eggs

All the above 1-4 methods are the same for hard-boiling eggs. you can get hard-boiling eggs through this method if you don’t want soft-boiled eggs. Follow these instructions without any further ado.

Method 1:

If the kettle turns off automatically then you should leave the eggs in the kettle for 15 minutes. You have to note the time and can make the reminder for 15 minutes. Until The kettle’s hot water transfers to the cold water. Now remove the eggs from the kettle and remove the shell of the eggs completely by tapping on it.

Now it’s up to you to cut it into any shape, dish it out and you can use it with salad and tea along with black pepper and salad.

Keep in Mind

  • Use the medium to a large bowl for placing the eggs. Kettle to the bowl
  • Use tongs and spatula for eggs removing
  • Use a container for the refrigerator store.
  • Without heating, coil eggs can crack
  • Don’t overcrowd the eggs in the kettle
  • For soft boiling 10-12 minutes is enough
  • For hard-boiling, you have to wait for 15-16 minutes.

Can You Boil An Egg In A Microwave?

Does everyone want to know How to boil an egg without the stove? And if it is possible to boil an egg in a microwave. So here we are going to explain How to boil an egg in a microwave? Now read it consciously.

Microwave Egg Boiling Instruction:

  • Firstly, you must have a medium to large bowl that can easily place eggs 5 -6 and fill them With cool water.
  • Add one tablespoon of salt to the water
  • Cover with the plate
  • Turn on the microwave and set the timer for 4-5 minutes
  • Now, Leave the bowl from the Microwave and place it on the table for 2-3 minutes. Eggs from the bowl and remove the shell. Use it as you want.
  • Follow all the steps carefully This helps prevent egg explosions

Best electric kettles for boiling eggs

Here are some best electric kettles for boiling eggs and other foods easily like noodles and pasta.

  • Prestige Egg Boiler
  • Clearline 8-in-1 Multi-Cook Kettle
  • Happylivo Avg 7 Eggs Boiler
  • Mueller Premium Speed Boiling
  • COSORI Electric, Fast Boiling

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If you’re looking for an easy way to boil eggs, the kettle is a great option. In just a few minutes, your eggs will be cooked and ready to eat. Follow these simple steps to make boiled eggs in a kettle.

Fill your kettle with water and place it on the stove. Place your eggs in the boiling water. Cook for six minutes for soft-boiled eggs or eight minutes for hard-boiled eggs. Remove the eggs from the boiling water using a spoon, tongs, or spatula. Place the eggs in a bowl of cold water to stop the cooking process and cool them down. Peel the eggs and enjoy!


  1. How do I boil eggs in a kettle?

Answer: Simply fill the kettle with water and place the eggs in the compartment. Then, put the kettle on the stove over medium heat and wait for the water to come to a boil. Once it reaches boiling point, let the eggs cook for 3-5 minutes before taking them out.

  1. Can I boil eggs in a kettle?

Answer: Yes, you can boil eggs in a kettle. However, it’s important to note that different kettles may have different maximum capacities, so you may need to boil eggs in batches. Additionally, the shape and size of the eggs may affect how long they take to cook. For best results, please consult your kettle’s instructions manual.

  1. Is it safe to boil eggs in a kettle?

Answer: It’s generally safe to boil eggs in a kettle as long as you’re using a kettle that’s meant for cooking. However, it’s important to make sure that the eggs are placed in a single layer at the bottom of the kettle and that there’s enough water to cover them.

  1. What are the benefits of boiling eggs in a kettle?

Answer: Kettle users do not have to use as much water to cover the eggs, and the boiling time is shorter than when using a pot. This is because kettles have a much larger surface area than pots, so the heat circulates better and cooks the eggs more quickly.

  1. How long do I need to boil eggs in a kettle for them to be cooked perfectly?

Answer: According to most kettle users, you’ll need to boil eggs for around 3-5 minutes in order to cook them perfectly. Of course, this all depends on how you like your eggs cooked – some people prefer them to be harder or softer. You’ll also need to take into consideration the size and type of egg that you’re using.

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