How to Use a Tea Kettle on The Stove

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What if we tell you that the sole purpose of the kettle is to boil water? Yes, the kettle is only made to boil water, not make tea or coffee in it as it is difficult to clean it because of its shape. Now that we are living in a new era we can find different types of kettles in the market.

There are now even electric kettles out there that will help you in boiling water, making coffee, boiling eggs, and even making noodles. But having an electric kettle will not always help you; what if you come face to face with the simple tea kettle that you have to use on a stove?

How to use a Tea Kettle on the Stove

If you are one of those who do not know how to use a tea kettle on the Stove, then worry not we are going to show you how to do that with ease.

Clean the Tea Kettle

First things first, as you know, hygiene is the first thing you notice when you are about to eat anything. So make sure to clean the kettle properly as it may contain some germs. Make sure to wash it with boiled water before using it.

Put the Tea Kettle on the Stove

In this step, fill the kettle with water and place it on the Stove. Make sure that you don’t put any stuff in the kettle for wood burning stove as your normal tea kettle does not have the strainer, and the stuff that you will put in it eventually stuck in it. The other major drawback is that the kettle is not easy to wash so the stuff will stick in it for a long time.

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Discard the water

Make sure to change the water after the first boil and use the second boiled water because the water boiled first will have a bad taste because of the chemicals present in the kettle. You will also see when you discard the water from the kettle the watercolor is changed; that’s why you should always discard the first boiled water from the Old Fashioned Tea Kettle.

Start using the tea kettle

Now you can use the kettle for boiling purposes such as boiling water, making coffee, tea, boiling eggs, and you can also use it for boiling the water for babies. In fact, let me show you the perfect way to make tea in the tea kettle.

Making tea the proper way

  • Boil the water in the kettle.
  • Put the teabag in the cup.
  • Now pour the water into the cup.
  • Make sure that you steep it for the proper amount of time.
  • In the last step serve and enjoy.

Tea kettle care

Make sure to clean the tea kettle after each use; use should empty the tea kettle and wash it with your hand and make sure to use warm soapy water to do that, especially when you steep the tea inside the best electric kettle for boiling milk we should not recommend you to steep the tea in the kettle because it is difficult to clean and was originally made to boil water only.

Make sure not to use steel and harsh products to clean the kettle as it can scratch the interior of the kettle. Always remember to wash before using the kettle.

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Here you can find out about the proper use of the tea kettle on the Stove and also about how to properly use the kettle. So if you are looking for the proper way to use a tea kettle on the Stove, then you are in the right place as we have discussed the proper way of using the tea kettle on the stove in this article.


  1. Is it ok to use the first boiled water?

Answer: You can use the first boiled water but remember the taste of the first boiled water is slightly changed from the second boiled water because of the chemicals that are present in the kettle.

  1. How do I use a tea kettle on the stove?

Answer: There are two ways to use a tea kettle on the stove. The first is to put the kettle directly on the burner, which will heat up the water inside. The second is to put a pot of water on the stove and then place the kettle in the pot, which will act as a double boiler, and gently heat the water.

  1. What are some tips for using a tea kettle on the stove?

Answer: First, make sure you place the kettle on a stable surface that will not get too hot. Second, be sure to use low or medium heat when boiling water so as not to damage the kettle. And finally, always be aware of your surroundings and keep any flammable objects away from the heat source.

  1. How can I prevent my tea kettle from boiling over on the stove?

Answer: If you’re boiling water on the stove to make tea, there’s a helpful trick to prevent your kettle from boiling over. Put a wooden spoon across the top of the kettle. The steam will hit the spoon and condense, preventing the water from boiling over.

  1. Why did my tea kettle boil over on the stove?

Answer: The most likely cause is that the kettle was filled with too much water. When water boils, it expands and if there’s too much of it in the kettle, it can overflow. Another possibility is that the heat was turned up too high, causing the water to boil faster than usual and resulting in an overflow.

  1. What should I do if my tea kettle boils over on the stove?

Answer: First, make sure that you’re using the proper size burner for your kettle. If the burner is too small, it can cause the water to boil over. Second, watch your water level when you’re boiling water. Don’t let it get too low, as this can also cause boiling over.

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