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When you buy a kettle there are many things that you should know about a kettle. If there is any problem, you can easily solve it yourself. Many kettles with old designs shut off automatically but sometimes that will not work properly due to some cases like its durability,  and some other wire,  or fuse issues. Here you can check our latest update about the best electric kettle for yerba.

Sometimes the tea kettle operations do not work properly in this case you need some instant and solutions for this,  So, here we are explaining the solution of your problems rather than your kettle replaced with a new one again.

Reasons why a kettle is not switching off automatically?

A disappointing situation when a person turns on your favorite Best Electric Kettle early in the morning and, as always, you go to the busy and when you come again you will see why did not disconnect? The boil-dry protection and auto-shutoff features did not work. The main reasons is that :

  • Why does the electric kettle not turn off automatically and how can I repair it? One reason is that the lid is not perfectly closed.  You should check that the lid is properly fixed and covered with the steam of the water.
  • The second one is the reason for the banal failure shutdown system. Care for your home appliance and check out the all system and clean from time to time to make it durable.
  • The one reason is that you may have overfilled the kettle with water or may have filled through a spout. Like when a Dualit Kettle turns on the Light But Not Boiling process started that is why this is not fully dry. You have to leave it for 24 hours to completely dry. If you want to check our latest research about best toaster oven.

How to repair the kettle yourself

If you have a new kettle there is some problem with it. If this is a  minor change in the kettle you can do it yourself without needing any expert. Suppose, If there is a switch breakage problem it’s a very simple task you can replace it with a new one. Because you cannot repair it is impossible.

When to Contact a Specialist

When you have a well known branded kettle like Morphy Richards Kettle if you use it for tea and switch it on for hot water the light on but not boiling process starts in this case you can consult with a specialist because the well-known household appliances developed by a qualified professional can handle it easily.

Reasons when kettle does not turn on

The malfunction cannot be repaired at home and if there is a  digital appliance it has some complexity and without a specialist, you can’t not yourself. Malfunction means the microcircuit,  switch,  plate,  indications,  and digital functions about heating you can’t repair. You can go for an expert.

Kettle Does Not Automatically Shut Off

Modern and stylish household appliances come with high functionality and are developed by qualified professionals that provide you safety and security of the use of the appliances.

If the automatic shutdown breaks down, and that is not working then the may cause any dangers.  A kettle heating process for boiling waterworks with thermostats and an element that converts it from electrical energy to heat energy. If you use a kettle many times in a daily routine it will stop working and cant handle daily basis use.  Worth reading for you if you want to explore more products best water boilers.

  • Water not boiling
  • The power is not coming UP
  • The switch is faulty etc.

Solutions when Kettle On But not Boiling the water

Here are some solutions that you should know about your favorite kettle that is very helpful when it’s not working properly.

No Power Supply

When the kettle is not switched on then

  • Check out the wire or cable perfectly plugged.
  • Also, make sure the wire is in good condition and if the wire or cable is damaged then they are required to replace it with a new one.
  • Plus also make sure that the switch button is one or off.
  • If a kettle is cordless its base is properly fitted in the base position.
  • Lastly must check out the power fuse working or not.

When Kettle Light On But Not Boiling (No Heating)

In this situation, you have to check the interior of the kettle if there is power inside then check if the kettle inside the wire is damaged then replace it. If your kettle has not heated the water then you should replace the heating element with a new one because sometimes they do not have high durability and are no longer working. Sometimes the base unit is faulty and they requested to change it.


You should check the base ( bottom)  of the kettle if there is a hole in the kettle base.  Especially check where the folded joint between the base and the walls of the kettles. If there is any hole unfortunately you can’t do anything.

Furthermore,  leakage through kettle spout is a serious problem; most adhesives do not work with permanent seals. For present use, you can repair it but it will no longer go, you should waste it because leakage causes any dangers.

Kettle Handle is Broken

The kettle handle is attached with the help of rivets and if rivets are broken it will become loose and sometimes it will come in your hand.

If the kettle handle is plastic or any other thing, you can replace it with a new one but if the kettle handle is made up of steel you can’t replace it you have to buy a new kettle.

The On/Off Switch Is Not Working

The on-off switch is located at the bottom of the kettle; if this switch does not work, you can open the kettle and clean it with a brush. If it still does not work, you will have to change this switch to a new one.

The Kettle Is No Longer Heating Water

The kettles are designed in such a way that if it does not heat the water and if you have used it many times every day then you should replace this kettle with a new one because it doesn’t offer high durability.

If your kettle is still in warranty, you can replace it with a new one from the company.

Kettle Is Overheating

This is also a big problem because when the kettle is overheated, it will automatically switch off. If this happens again and again, then you should replace your kettle with a new one.


The kettle is not boiling even though the light is on. This could be because of a number of reasons such as the water being too cold or there not being enough water in the kettle.

If you are having this problem, try turning up the heat and adding more water to see if that fixes the issue. Hopefully, this article was helpful and provided some useful information about what to do if your kettle isn’t boiling.


  1. What could cause a kettle to light up but not boil water?

Answer: First, check to make sure that the element is fully submerged in water. If it’s not, that could be why it’s not boiling. Second, make sure that the power cord is plugged in properly and that the kettle is turned on. If everything looks fine there, try unplugging the kettle and then plugging it back in again.

  1. How can you tell if your kettle is on and boiling water?

Answer: If you have an electric kettle, there will typically be a light that turns on when the kettle is on. Boil times will also be displayed on many kettles. For stovetop kettles, you can tell if the water is boiling by the steam that comes out of the spout as well as by the sound of whistling or deep bubbling coming from inside the kettle.

  1. How can you prevent your kettle from becoming damaged?

Answer: First, always use cold water when filling the kettle. Filling it with hot water can cause the plastic to warp and eventually leak. Second, never leave the kettle on the stovetop when it’s not in use. This can also cause the plastic to warp and eventually leak. Finally, never fill the kettle more than half full.

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