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For making a flavorful and nice cup of tea you need some special and durable thing that makes your food delicious in an easy way. So,  with a tea kettle, you can easily prepare tea and coffee on a stove or without a stove.  There are huge varieties of tea kettle according to the size,  features,  materials. But if you choose the large tea kettle for your home and office use then you can easily make 9-10 cups of coffee and tea easily and efficiently. While if you use a stovetop pan it will take more time for boiling above 1 liter of water.

Large Electric Tea Kettle

A stove tea kettle is most commonly used over the house but with the passage of time technology introduces an electric tea kettle that works fast and efficiently. That comes with some automatic functionality which attracts the people and now is familiar in the market.

In most homes, people make tea without a kettle. Some families prefer a stove for tea making because they feel comfortable with this.  But modern families prefer some electronic appliances which help to save time and work efficiently and fastly. An electric kettle is one of them that is most commonly used in every house, office, restaurant, etc for making tea.

However,  if you find a large tea kettle for a large family and commercial or office use that can make 9-10 cups of tea then Mueller Premium 1.8L is best suitable for you. Mueller Premium is an electric kettle with automatic functions and an affordable price range you will be impressed with its excellent performance.

Here we have enlisted the best large tea kettles that work efficiently with an extra-large capacity of water. So,  without further ado read it carefully it will be helpful when planning to buy the best tea kettle for your kitchen.

Top 4 Large Tea Kettles

Here we have enlisted the top 5 large tea kettles. Each product has detailed reviews with their positive and negative aspects that will help pick a nice one.

Tea Kettle for Stovetop Whistling Tea Pot, Stainless Steel Tea Pots for Stove Top, 3.2QT(3-Liter) Large Capacity with Capsule Base by PURCHASE

Tea Kettle for Stovetop Whistling Tea Pot

This becomes the best choice for you if you find the extra-large tea kettle for your stove with a stainless steel body and whistle features. This makes your task easier with efficient performance. The stainless steel large stovetop kettle is made sturdy with a 3-ply capsule base that makes tea faster. You can boil 3liter water quickly and pour it over smoothly with its pout.



You can easily find a large tea kettle but this extra-large tea kettle for stovetop with simple and elegant looks doesn’t beat any other kettle. The fully high-quality stainless steel rust-resistant body with a 3-ply base makes it durable and stable enough for your large family.


You can get a 3-liter large capacity for water to use easily and quickly without more wait. The excellent heating features makes it a faster teapot than others. Best for a large family to make many cups of tea.

Quick Heating

This is made with Stainless Steel. The sturdy look went with you last year to serve you confidently to drink coffee or tea with a stylish look. Retain heat quickly and distribute heat effectively.

Easily pour over

So, with the amazing and extra-large capacity, it may be difficult to handle it but from. In this kettle, you will never face any problem. It’s a very comfortable and strong grip teapot with an anti-scald and anti-slippery plastic handle with a small spout providing easy to use and pour over filling.


The great whistle features help to prevent overboiling or overheating issues. If you can’t monitor then leave it for boiling when it’s completely boiling it will alert you by its whistling reminder tone. That’s why this is also the best option for you when you are going to a picnic and can’t monitor the kettle then it will work amazingly.

Easily adjustable Tea Pot for All Stove Tops

The best thing about this 3.2 quarter stainless steel tea kettle is it can easily suit and fix any stove like if you use a gas cooker,  induction cooker,  electric stove, or a wood stove it smoothly adjusts to any stovetop.

Keep in mind

So, keep in mind if you use it for the first time. The lid of the kettle should be covered tightly if the lid is not fully covered then the whistle will not work properly.

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  • Suitable for a large family
  • Great quality and durable
  • Perfect made
  • Reminder whistle
  • Affordable
  • Noisy when boiling

Mueller Premium 1500W Electric Kettle with SpeedBoil Tech, 1.8 Liter Cordless with LED Light, Borosilicate Glass, Auto Shut-Off, and Boil-Dry Protection

Mueller Premium 1500W Electric Kettle

The Mueller premium electric tea kettle is a full feature kettle that works excellently with the highest boiling speed and automatic functions. Its LED lights, an auto shut-,off and boil-dry protection make it adorable and stable for all-purpose use.


Smart And Stylish Design

Mueller tea kettle is made of high-quality borosilicate glass material which makes it long-lasting for lifetime use.  Plus,  its solid plastic lid for covering and black coating handle provides a strong grip and has heat resistant properties that avoid any burn and sliding issues. You can easily pour over with its small spout that will never disappoint with the last drop.

Safest And the Healthier kettle

Mueller also is a safety certified product of the Mueller brand.  Its electric tea kettle works great with heat resistant and freshwater providers. It has more durability and is the top rating product in the market nowadays.

Thermostat Controller

The high-quality thermostat control provides maximum safety to the user. Its auto shut off features make it durable when you use it correctly. When you set the timer for boiling water, if it reaches the desired temperature it will automatically turn off or shut off. This great function gives you boil dry protection and avoids any rust and stain problem in the kettle.

Moreover,  if the water is empty in the kettle it will not work and turn off immediately. With the built heat resistant and anti-slip handle with string grip, you can easily pour over the water without losing confidence.

Quick Boil

It can boil water quickly without more wait. You can get 1.8-liter water for tea which will make 10-12 cups of tea easily. When you use it and fill it with water the bright LED light turns on and indicates to you the water boiling process has begun. When the water is heated it will turn off automatically.

Cordless Electric Tea Kettle

The cordless base gives you comfort and is easy to serve instantly.  It can also rotate 360 degrees and you can easily handle it by moving slightly.

Save money And Electricity

With this amazing tea kettle, you can save money and time because of its faster performance and low power consumption. This is about 1500 watts which help to boil water for 3 -4 minutes.  Obviously, it will take a very short time for boiling and save your money on electricity bills.

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  • Faster boiling the water than stovetop
  • Consume low power
  • Powerful and efficient
  • Large capacity
  • Boil dry protection and a red light indicates to make it durable
  • The plastic lid does not provide high durability

COSORI Electric Kettle Glass Hot Water Boiler & Tea Heater with LED Indicator Inner Lid & Bottom, Auto Shut-Off Boil-Dry Protection, BPA Free,1.7L, Black

COSORI Electric KettleThis Cosori electric tea kettle is one of the best, fastest and stylish kettles in the market which provides boil-dry protection and auto shut-off features. The fine quality glass material can resist any scratches. It’s easy to clean and boil-dry protection, making it durable and adorable for all tea drinkers.


 Durable Design

The most stylish and durable design Cosori electric tea kettle gives you 1.7-liter water capacity which is best for those who search for a large tea kettle. The study structure color cosori kettle makes it durable and its high-quality borosilicate glass material gives it a stylish look and a stainless steel cordless base enhances the comfort and instant use if needed.

Furthermore a BPA-free plastic filter you can sip confidently without any doubts.

Auto Shut-off

Cosori is the most likely model in the market and people give positive ratings to make it top-rated electric kettle 2021. Due to its amazing performance when it boils water quickly and automatically shut off when reached the selected temperature.  This reduces the chance of rust and stain problems and makes your kettle durable if you use it correctly.

Thermostat Technology

The thermostat technology is very helpful when your water boils completely it will stop its process of boiling. Plus if the kettle is empty it will not work this indicates you the kettle is empty.  Plus its heating element is concealed which provides safety and prevents you from any short circuit and burn issues.

LED Bright Light

Led lights indicate you the boiling process began and you should wait for complete boil water. If the red bright light did not turn on then the kettle was not Perfectly fit in the base or it may be empty.

Extra Large Tea Kettle

If you are a tea and coffee drinker and like to take tea many times a day then it will be very helpful in your kitchen and enhance the beauty of your kitchen countertop and make your work easy, quick, and efficient.

Fast Boiling

The main reason for electric kettle selection is its faster and quick boiling option; it can heat the water in just 3-4 minutes if it’s full of water at a capacity. Then it will. Take just 3-4 minutes to boil and that thing makes it faster than the stove or microwave. 

Easy to Clean

Its wide opening offers to clean it easily without the use of any brush. Its wide opening allows you to access it deeply for deep cleaning by using any sponge and removing rust and stain to the base of the kettle.

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  • Offer easily pour our the tea
  • Easy to clean due to wide opening
  • Affordable
  • Provide boil dry protection
  • Stainless steel bottoms may cause rust problems.

Old Dutch Cast Iron Saga Teapot, 52-Ounce, Black

Old Dutch Cast Iron Saga Teapot

Old Dutch with graceful looks and elegant cast iron body makes it durable and affordable for everyone. It attracts people through its excellent performance and large capacity. Plus the black finishing style makes it the best large cast iron teapot for a stovetop.


Heat Retention

The old dutch teapot offers excellent levels of properly heated water and keeps water warm for about an hour. You can serve it confidently without any doubts.

Design and Performance

The most stylish and beautiful design gives your interior royal looks when you serve the tea using an old dutch teapot.  This is made of high-quality porcelain enamel interiors that never change the taste of your food. And you can easily pour over tea with its spout.  Plus its design helps in easy cleaning.

Quick Boiled water

You can also boil water with direct stove heat. Just fill with water and place it on the stove. It will quickly heat the water and perfectly fit any size of the stove.


After use, you should keep it clean and wash it with warm water.  The lid should be dry completely for further use.

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  • Great works when using Wood Stoves for humidifying the air
  • Stainless steel basic included for perfect serving
  • Easy to clean
  • Keep warm water for an hour
  • Durable and Affordable

  • Gains Of Having A Large Tea Kettle

  • A large tea kettle can be very advantageous, especially if you are a tea lover. It can brew a large pot of tea, which is perfect for entertaining guests or for those who like to have a lot of tea on hand.

  • Another great advantage of having a large tea kettle is that it can keep your tea hot for a longer period of time. This is perfect for those who like to enjoy a hot cup of tea throughout the day.

  • Finally, a large tea kettle can also be used as a decoration piece in your kitchen. They come in many different designs and colors, so you can find one that fits perfectly with your kitchen’s style.

  • Drawbacks Of Having A Large Tea Kettle

  • Although there are several advantages of having a large tea kettle, there are also a few disadvantages. One of the biggest disadvantages is that they can be quite expensive. If you are on a budget, you may want to consider buying a smaller kettle.

  • Another downside of having a large tea kettle is that it can be quite heavy. This can make them difficult to move around, especially if you have a small kitchen.

  • Small in size

FAQs about large tea kettles

So,  we are showing some interesting and important questions about large tea kettles that you should know about this.

Q#1: How much capacity of water in a standees tea kettle?

Ans: A standard tea kettle size mostly comes with a 1.5-1.7 liter capacity of water that makes about 8-10 cups of tea easily.  But can also find an extra-large tea kettle that can make 10-12 cups of tea.

Q#2: What is the main difference between tea kettle and teapot?

Ans: A tea kettle is used for boiling the water and pouring the tea directly into the cup or you can pour it out into the teapot to serve beautifully. Plus teapot used for steeping the tea and coffee.

Q#3: What is the high-end kettle?

Answer: The high-end kettle is one that is made of durable materials and has features that make it easy to use. Some of the best kettles on the market are made from stainless steel or ceramic, and they come with a variety of features such as a whistle, automatic shut-off, and temperature control.

Q#4: What is the largest size for an electric kettle?

Ans: The largest size electric kettle is usually measured in terms of how much water it can hold. For average users, the most popular size is probably around 2 liters. Some kettles hold as little as 0.5 liters while others can go all the way up to 8liters or more. The larger ones tend to be intended for commercial use.

Q#5: What sizes do electric kettles come in?

Ans: A variety of sizes are available to electric kettle users, with the most popular size being 1.7 liters. Other typical sizes include 1 liter, 1.5 liters, and 2 liters. Some kettles even come in miniature sizes for those who want something compact. Larger kettles are generally more popular because they can boil more water at once.

Q#6: What are the advantages of using a large tea kettle?

Ans: There are a few key advantages to using a large tea kettle. For one, larger kettles can hold more water, which means they can boil more water at once. This is especially helpful for people who like to make tea for multiple people simultaneously. Larger kettles also tend to heat water more quickly than smaller ones, so you can get your tea brewing faster.

Q#7: What are the drawbacks of using a large tea kettle?

Ans: First, if you’re not used to handling a kettle that’s larger than your regular-sized teapot, it can be challenging to pour the water without spills. Second, the larger size means the water inside the kettle will take longer to come to a boil, so you’ll need to be patient when brewing tea with a big kettle. Finally, because they hold more liquid, large kettles are slightly more difficult to clean than smaller ones.


However, tea kettles are becoming more trendy nowadays in the market.  A stovetop kettle and an electric kettle come in huge varieties according to sizes and different functionality both features make them more attractive and beautiful. A large tea kettle gives you convenience and comfort because its size is standard and helpful when you require many cups of tea at a time. So,  we hope this guide will help pick a nice one for your kitchen countertop.

Charlotte is a seasoned writer and an established authority in the field of kitchen appliances. With a keen interest in culinary arts and a passion for providing practical guidance to consumers, Charlotte has dedicated years to researching and reviewing various kitchen products, including kettles.

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